Mason's Place

Over hot chocolate with his dad one cozy winter day in Mammoth, Mason set some goals for 2014. Along with growing a six foot mohawk and learning to play an instrument, he aspired to fly in a plane to India.

As a family, we have always prayed for India. The amount of orphans there number in the millions. And while our hearts are broken over the child our family is missing, we are also made aware of all those little children missing families.

Shortly after Mason's sudden death, very dear friends of ours were moved to establish a home for orphans in honor of our son. Unaware of Mason's goal to fly to India, their hearts had been moved by God to bless a country already so close to our hearts.

In January of 2016, Mason's Place became a reality. It is located in Rajasthan, India and is the current home to 102 girls, 14 staff members and includes a school with 167 students.

Under the leadership of Hope Partners International, partnering with the Church of North India, we pray that this home will become a refuge for those children who are orphaned, abandoned, and left facing a life of victimization, enslavement, abuse and harm. Mason’s Place will provide not just a home where orphans will be loved and nurtured, but will also provide an education, discipleship, and preparation for life.

Mason's Place is situated on more than 6 acres and has over 75,000 square feet of livable space. These current facilities require much renovation but are a great foundation from which to move forward as we seek to transform lives and the surrounding area through the love of Jesus.

Future plans include the establishment of a Hope Center which will look to serve the entire community by providing medical care, adult education and vocational training, all centered around a church.

We welcome you to be a part of what God is doing at Mason’s Place and the work God is doing in India.

We humbly thank God for this beautiful vision and we are forever grateful to the generous people impacting the world through the memory of our son.

Mason's Place is an initiative of Hope Partners International which is a registered 501(c)3. All gifts are processed and receipted by Hope Partners and are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.



The facilities at Mason's Place are capable of housing many more children. Please pray for the orphans God would bring, the staff God would use to nurture and care for these children, and the resources to meet the needs of as many children as possible.

While the number of orphans in India is overwhelming, we desire to do more than simply house as many children as we can. We invite you to pray along with us that Mason's Place truly becomes a home to these children. And that in this home, they will be surrounded by a staff that loves them and they will grow in an environment that values them and instills in them the truth that they are loved by an Almighty God who has beautiful plans for their lives.


Hope Partners works with local churches to facilitate short-term mission trips to various ministry sites around the world and plans to include Mason's Place for future teams. These opportunities can range from medical teams, VBS groups, those with construction expertise and anyone with a heart to serve.


We are amazed at how much God has provided as a starting point for Mason's Place. Your support will help meet the daily needs of Mason's Place as well as make it possible to welcome more children in desperate need of a home.

While there are living structures and other facilities already located at Mason's Place, there is renovation needed on various buildings. There is also an urgent need for immediate construction, including a kitchen facility and plumbing.

All donations to Mason's Place are directed to Hope Partners International.

Please continue to check back for future opportunities of orphan sponsorship and expansion plans.


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