mason's birthday

September 10, 2008 was Mason's birthday. In honor of that special day, we are excited to spread some Mason love at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.


When our dear friend Bri started her nursing career at CHLA in September 2014, we started praying for her and the mission field where God had placed her. For 24 days, Mason prayed intentionally for Miss Bri, the patients for whom she would care, and the other doctors and nurses at CHLA.

We never dreamed we would ever end up here. And our worst nightmares never hinted that our child would take his last breath at this very hospital. But God knew. And he was preparing us for this in many ways, one of them being that Mason had prayed for the very doctors and nurses who were caring for him in the final moments of his life.

The exceptional care and overwhelming compassion we received at CHLA opened our eyes to a world we never thought we would enter, the horrific world of loss and suffering.

Unfortunately, this dark world is a constant reality to so many people. The families at CHLA, as well as the medical staff, face suffering and heartache every day.

So while we wish our home was filled with laughter and wild, sugar-filled children on September 10, celebrating the birthday of a rambunctious 7-year-old boy, we hope we can bring some of that joy to CHLA.

We invite you to join us as we endeavor to bring gifts, not just to patients, but weary parents and an amazing medical staff.



Due to necessary restrictions for the health and safety of the patients, the gift list is very specific. A direct link to an Amazon gift registry, In Memory of Mason, can be found here. You can also search for the wish list on Amazon by entering the email address Gifts purchased from this wish list can be sent directly to the registry shipping address listed at checkout.

A group of Mason's friends are planning a special day to shop for his birthday gifts. If you would like to allow them to choose gifts for you, you can email Target gift cards to


There is nothing worse that seeing your child suffering. We desire to bring a moment of joy to these parents in the form of gift cards. Target or Starbucks gift cards can be emailed to

Please help us show them they are not alone.


Nurses just might be the best people on earth. We would love to show them some appreciation in honor of Mason and his love for Miss Bri (our favorite CHLA nurse). It would be pretty fantastic to see every nurse in the PICU, where Mason spent his final moments, receive a Starbucks gift card. These can be emailed to

Thank you for celebrating our son with us. While September 10 brings its own form of pain to our family and is another reminder of the deep hole in our life, we pray it can also be a day that brings deep joy into the lives of others.


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